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The SOS Card Project

Integration of the DeHanCi Machine Translation in OmegaT

You can integrate the free Artificial Neuronal Network based Machine Translation engine of the German/Chinese online dictionary in OmegaT:

  1. Download the OmegaT plugin for a custom MT from
  2. Extract the archive into the plug-in folder of OmegaT, in Linux ~/.omegat/plugins
  3. Restart OmegaT
  4. Choose menu “Options » Machine Translation” and activate “Fake MT”. In “Options » Preferences…”, item “Machine Translation”, select “Fake MT”, click “Configure” and enter:
    • URL: (will be give to you)
    • Source Parameter: sl
    • Target Parameter: tl
    • Text Parameter: st

To gain access to the API, please write to the DeHanCi team,

Here is a sample file: beispiel.odt

Please note: As the name suggests, the provides translations from Chinese to German and from German to Chinese only.

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