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The SOS Card Project

(Re-)Using TMX files

When you translate a text using OmegaT, it will automatically create TMX files containing full phrases in the source language and the translated language / target language.

By using this “pre-translated” phrases, you can save HUGE amount of time. And you will make the translation more consistent by using the same terms again, etc.

TMX files are stored in the project folder. When you have a project my-first-project in the folder


there will be these files:


Now you want to work for The SOS Card Project. Create a new project sos-card (OmegaT: Project » New…) and import the files you want to work on.

Place existing TMX files in the subfolder /tm/:


In Linux, you can best create a Hard Link to the existing file rather than copying it. This saves time and HDD space:

ln ~/OmegaT-projects/my-first-project/my-first-project-omegat.tmx ~/OmegaT-projects/sos-card/tm/

(the …level1.tmx and …level2.tmx files are created for compatibility only. You can ignore them.)

Or, you can create a “central” folder which you use in all projects. Important: This only works well if you are working on texts of similar topic (here: medical subjects)! For example, move all TMX files to


and use that folder in the settings dialogue of your project (“Translation Memory folder”).

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