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 +====== HICF ======
 +Dear Sisters and Brothers at Hangzhou International Christian Fellowship,
 +The SOS Card contains the most important medical information about you, so any doctor in the world can provide the best medical help if you need it. Please follow the these steps:
 +  - Please open http://​​go/​pc/​start/?​l=en&​reference=FHICFCHINA&​sedamo=KEUQCWAD and create an account. ​ \\ Hints: ​
 +    * Please enter your name in **native writing**, e.g. in Korean characters when you are Korean. (The system will automatically generate an username in Latin characters.)
 +    * Please **write down your username and password**. Or take of photo / screenshot of the page with your mobile phone. You will not receive e-mail with this information. ​
 +    * If you want to modify your username, please contact Brother Fabio (or refer to the frequently asked questions FAQ)! 
 +    * **Info: This webpage is a SSL encrypted webpage, which can't be opened by WeChat. Please use an “ordinary” browser (for example, Firefox). It's better to use a PC or a laptop, don't use a mobile phone! **
 +  - Please fill in the **medical questionnaire** after logging in. If you do not fully understand a question, please consult ​ the SOS Card Team of HICF, Brother Fabio or Brother Gunnar. Don't guess the answer, because a foreign doctor may rely on this information. Most answers can be copied from the medical examination report you received after entering China.
 +  - Last not least: **Please pray for The SOS Card Project!**
 +If you have a question about the SOS Card, please check the FAQ.
 +If you have more questions or you need help, please contact Brother Fabio (Fabrice Edem). You can also send an e-mail to <​> ​
 +<WRAP center round info 60%>
 +The SOS Card is equally available for our Chinese sisters and brothers. Especially for those who want to go abroad to study, the SOS Card is useful. They may contact Pastor Lu (卢牧师 Lú mù shī).
 +<WRAP center round tip 60%>
 +You can use http://​​login to login to your account. ​
 +May God protect your health!
 +Gunnar Lindenblatt