The SOS Card Project


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 +====== Participate ======
 +Please use this form if your organisation want to hand-out SOS Cards. ​
 +action mail
 +thanks "​Thanks! Please check for e-mail in next two days. If you do not receive an e-mail, please write to  <​>"​
 +fieldset "Your organisation"​
 +textbox ​ "name of your organisation"​
 +select "type of your organisation"​ "​Fellowship/​Church|Volunteer Organisation|International Club|Health Care Provider|Insurance
 +number "​number of members"​ >3
 +textbox "​website"​ !
 +email "​e-mail address"​ !
 +fieldset "Your motive"​
 +textarea "Why do you want to participate in The SOS Card Project? Please give a short statement, so we get to know you."
 +fieldset "Your team"
 +static "​principal organiser"​
 +textbox ​ "​name"​
 +email "​e-mail"​
 +number "phone number"​
 +static "​medical contact person"​
 +textbox ​ "​name"​ !
 +email "​e-mail"​ !
 +number "phone number"​ !
 +static "​software contact person"​
 +textbox ​ "​name"​ !
 +email "​e-mail"​ !
 +number "phone number"​ !
 +static "​∴"​
 +select "Who is applying?"​ "​principal organiser|medical|software"​
 +fieldset "Your information"​
 +static "Do you want to set up your own webpage on the website? If so, please suggest a short URL."
 +textbox ​ "SOS info page URL" "​=http://​​EXAMPLE"​ !
 +yesno "Does your software contact has a Wiki account here?"
 +user "​Username?"​ !
 +textbox "Which languages do you support? (Use ISO-2 codes)"​
 +fieldset ""​
 +textbox "You need to write '​nospam'​ here" /^nospam$/
 +submit "​Apply"​
 +[[https://​​wiki/​ISO_639|ISO-2 codes for languages]]