The SOS Card Project

Where can I get my SOS Card?

The SOS Card Project cooperates with doctors and clinics, international communities, friendship clubs, etc. worldwide. These can help you to get a SOS Card.

According to your geo data, you are from Germany. In Germany, you receive the SOS Card from these participating organizations:

Cross-Cultural Communication Club Germany gem. e. V. i. G.

The SOS Card is included in the Global Health Protection Service DAIBOLA Protect + Care.

French fellowships
Please address Mrs. Roser from the fellowship in Bonn. Medical questionnaires in French are available. Contact:

Kaufmännische Krankenkasse KKH
New, Chinese members of this statutory health insurance can receive their SOS Card on request. To get a card, you need to register via this link: KKH registration form. Thereafter, the medical questionnaire can be filled-out online.

Spanish fellowships
Please address Pastor Jose-Manuel González of the Duisburg fellowship. Medical questionnaires in Spanish are available. Contact:

Association of Chinese fellowships in Germany
Please address the pastor or the elders of the congregation. The Chinese medical questionnaires are available online.

International Contact: The SOS Card Project,