The SOS Card Project

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the SOS Card a travel insurance?

No! The SOS Card is a multi-lingual emergency ID and database which give relevant information to the medical doctor in the case of an emergency for best medical help.

Why the web-pages look rather “simple” (or old-fashioned)?

On purpose!

While you are travelling, you may visit countries with very slow Internet connection (modem connection) and rather old computer equipment. To ensure a good user experience in these regions as well, the pages have been made as “slim” as possible. So the doctor or nurse can use your SOS Card to retrieve information how to help you.

And: The web-pages are designed with high contrast (blue on white), so people with bad eyesight can still read the characters. The pages can be accessed using a speech-to-text engine (dictation software), so handicapped people can use it. The pages can be read using a screen reader program which transcribes the text into Braille, so blind people can read it. The pages are strictly “linear”, there are no pop-ups and menus on top and at the side, so the navigation is very simple.