I would like to release my own SOS Card!

You are an international club, a fellowship, a company, a health care provider, an insurance? You can easily hand-out SOS Cards to your members, making use of the international network and the translation database of The SOS Card Project. The SOS Card Project is not-for-profit, all we ask for is your (not necessarily monetary!) commitment.

Following our experience, the core team in your organisation should consist of minimal three persons:

  1. the principal organiser who is responsible for the implementation of the SOS Card
  2. a medical contact person who is a medical doctor, a nurse, a paramedic or similar
  3. a software contact person who can deal with basic computer stuff, e.g., rescaling a photo to the appropriate size

To hand-out SOS Cards, you just need a computer and Internet access (Modem speed is sufficient).

If you want to hand-out a large number of cards, we can provide direct database access, so you can feed-in personal and medical data and receive the ready-for-print image data via secured connection.

Please use this form to apply for a membership of your organisation.

If you have further questions, simply drop a line to the.sos.card.project@gmail.com telling us your name and phone number, and we will get in touch with you!